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Turkish girls are well known around the world for their love for men who are willing to spoil them. But are some gold diggers and do you need to have a lot of money to date them? There are a lot of myths about turkey singles. Many people form their views from the media. When the TV is only showing the glamorous and famous turkey women, that doesn’t speak much about millions of everyday single turkish women. One really needs to understand a little bit about their psychology to see why they are the way they are.

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Turkish girls have a more traditional upraising than those in the west. They grew up and still live in a society where men work and earn for the family while turkey women take care of the house and children. Men who are willing and capable of spoiling their girlfriends and spouses are viewed as very desirable. Sending money and gifts is registered in their minds as a strong sign that this man in committed to the relationship. This male dominated society is also the underlying reason why a turkey girl is so feminine. They learned from an early age that their role in life is to be mothers and spouses. They also learned to lean on men for protection and support. Instead of developing traits like independence and career, they developed their strongest asset, that is being a woman in every way. Thus, some turkey singles are obsessed with their appearance. Single turkish women are extremely dedicated parents and unconditionally devoted to their families. Since you are reading these turkey dating sites in English, we would assume that you are a western man. This means that you make a a lot compared to the average Turkish family. This alone puts you in a position to be the man that many of these dating turkish women dream of. It is not how much money you spend on them, it is the attention that they are after in turkish singles sites.

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